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Our mission is to create a space where community psychologists from anywhere in the world can come together in a spirit of community and cooperation to learn, grow, and develop the practice of community psychology.

Agreement for International Cooperation for the Advancement of Community Psychology

Community Psychology has grown to become an international field of study and practice. Around the globe there are academic programs and practitioners promoting and advancing community psychology. Community psychologists share some core perspectives and values in each of these countries and regions of the world. In every inhabited continent of the world, community psychology has grown and has its own unique origins, influences, and evolution. The common core belief is that community psychology shows great promise in addressing the most pressing social and health issues locally and globally.

Many national and regional associations and other organizations of community psychologists have developed around the world. These associations have elected leaders, journals, conferences, newsletters, and other mechanism to support community psycologist and advance the field. The time has now come to bring together these associations to determine as equals how community psychology can advance through international cooperation. By sharing the knowledge and experience of community psychologist from around the world, community psychology can advance and make even greater contributions.

Potential goals for international cooperation for the advancement of community psychology include:

  • Facilitate communication and learning about community psychology internationally;
  • Exchange information about advances in theory, research, and practice;
  • Build skills and capacity for community psychology practice;
  • Promote the development of community psychology associations or networks where needed;
  • Undertake educational and other activities that increase public awareness and use of community psychology; and
  • Secure resources to facilitate international cooperative activities that address pressing social problems.

We, the undersigned representatives of community psychology organizations and associations commit to participating in a process to plan how a best to pursue international cooperation for the advancement of community psychology. We commit to a planning process that will:

  1. Operate under the principle that all organizations and perspectives are equal and need to be represented;
  2. Communicate in multiple languages and be accessible to all (transparency);
  3. Provide official representation of each member organization to all planning activities;
  4. Participate in a planning process on how to being international cooperation, beginning with activities at the Second International Community Psychology Conference in Lisboa;
  5. Report the results of the planning process to the participants at the Third International Community Psychology Conference in Puebla Mexico.

We, the organizations signed below, make this commitment in order to advance community psychology as a field of study and as an approach to promoting public health and welfare around the world.
  Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice