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Timely Tips (Blog)

Jun 18
New features

​Here's a list of the new features:

  • Blogs
  • Discussion boards
  • Outlook synching
Jun 16
Announcing Timely Tips

​On this site we will give you ideas on how to use new features, tell you about upcoming additions, and help make your WorkStation more valuable to your organization. 

The first tip is about synchronizing your Shared Documents with your computer. This is a great feature if you are going to a conference or on a working trip. You can sync your laptop with the Shared Documents folder before you go, work on documents on the plane or in the car (as long as you aren't driving), and then sync back up when you get to your location. You can make good use of travel time and have more time to enjoy the conference when you arrive. 

Go to the Syncing entry in the Help guide​ to learn how to do this.