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Aug 05
Why Should You Go To College?

Going to college can open doors for you that you never knew were available before. There are many reasons besides a degree that someone should go to college. First, the main reason anyone goes to college is to get a degree. Getting a degree can pay off in the long run because you can make more money at a job with a degree. However, this is not always the case depending on the degree that you go after. Doing the research to see just how much your degree can make you and how much college will cost is a big deal when deciding if you should go to college, trade school, or none of the above. 

Next, when people go to college, they often find they have much greater job security. This is when it is harder for someone to be unemployed. Often just having any college degree can land you a job over someone who does not have one. This is true even if the degree is outside the field you are working in. If you earn a master's degree, your job security is even better. Not only is your job security better, but you are on a path of making a career. This is when you get an entry-level position at a job and work your way up to higher status and pay. This can result in a lot of wealth being built. 

Next, people with a college degree usually have better-living situations and are not as often in poverty. People with only a high school degree are the biggest group in poverty. Just under 5% of people with a degree live in poverty. 

Finally, college is great for building a larger social and professional network. In college, everyone meets some close friends. College is a great place for meeting people from many different cultures and backgrounds which in turn teaches you more about the world you live in. Not only do you learn about others, you learn about yourself from being around a diversity of people. College students are smart people and being around them increases your overall social intelligence. A professional network is also very important to build. When you select a major you take classes with people who also have a passion for your major. When you meet these people, you will go on to possibly work with some of them one day. These people can help you find jobs and opportunities that you may have never found on your own. As can be seen, there is more to college than just a degree. 

Jul 29
How To Get Financial Aid At the University of Kansas

First, one must check if they qualify for FAFSA. You can check the department of education. Some of the qualifications are being a citizen, a high school diploma, enrolled to be a student, not have a conviction for drug possession, and have the correct income after review. One must also maintain a specific GPA to keep this aid. 

Next, you must create an FSA ID before completing your FAFSA for the first time. This is a username and password that allows you to sign in online or through their app. For the most part, they will need social security, license, bank statements, and income records. The website for this application is on student  

Next, you may be wondering how to complete the application process? If you are an independent, you do this on your own but if you are dependent then you must have your parents help you sign the form. A student must complete the FAFSA and then they can click to submit and send it on its way. 

Next, financial information often causes people confusion and fear because it can look intimidating. The IRS data retrieval tool, which can be found under “link to IRS”. This can add a lot of the information you need in a few simple clicks. All you have to do with this is connect to the IRS system and give a few details. You will want to click on “transfer tax information into the FAFSA form” and choose to transfer now. 

Finally, you will have to complete the FAFSA. You will only have to sign and hit complete. For independents, this can be done on your own. IF you are dependent you will need parents to sign this form. You can monitor progress at All in all, this task is not as hard as it seems. 

Apr 27
LU Advisory Board Member is Employee of Month

LAWRENCE — The University of Kansas has announced the February 2017 Employees of the Month:

Name: John Nelson Hronek

Title: Academic adviser and coordinator of the Undergraduate Advising Center

What that means: John Nelson Hronek advises students of all academic interests but works mostly with exception admits and probation students on developing and achieving academic goals. Nelson Hronek is a model adviser. His passion for higher education and student success is exemplified by his tremendous work ethic. Last year in the UAC, he met with more students than any other adviser in the office, a testament to both his dedication to serving students and the meaningful relationships that he builds with them.

Notable: Nelson Hronek frequently stays at work after the office is closed to meet with students who request to see him when his calendar is full. He is also well-known to come to the office on the weekend to work on recommendation letters and financial aid appeals for students when he's too busy during the week to write them. A co-worker once asked Nelson Hronek why he seemed to put in so much time, and the answer he gave embodies his philosophy in advising: "I would feel bad if I took a break and a student needed me to help them. This is why I'm here." Nelson Hronek’s dedication to students is what led to him receiving the Advisor of the Year Award during his first year with the UAC.

Nelson Hronek has been in the UAC for more than three years and during that time he has partnered with multiple offices for programming initiatives. He works closely with the University Career Center to a Common Presentation to UNIV 101 students, he earned a spot as a UNIV Fellow, he works closely with the Office of Financial Aid as a member of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Committee, and he's been instrumental as part of the board for the OPTIONS program this year, speaking with prospective and current students in the program on how to transition from high school to college. Last year, he supervised peer success coaches in the UAC, serving as a mentor to students who wanted additional insight into how to be holistically educated and accomplished.

More than all this, however, Nelson Hronek can't leave his office without seeing a student he knows who is excited to see him. Despite meeting with hundreds of students over the past three years, Nelson Hronek remembers each individual's name and always tells them to stop by his office to catch up if they have a chance — and many do. Nelson Hronek’s commitment to students and to this institution is exceptional.

Nov 21
Tahnee Shaving--LU Achiever, part of history at Haskell

Tahnee stands success story.jpg

Congratulations to fellow achiever Tahnee Shaving and her Haskell Volleyball team. 1st volleyball team in school history to earn a berth into the NAIA National Championship.​

Aug 27
Tahnee Shaving-- Attending Haskell Indian Nations University

​Tahnee Shaving is attending Haskell Indian Nations University in fall 2016. Tahnee has a Volleyball scholarship. She is from the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. Tahnee participatd in LEAD UP for three years. We are very proud of you Tahnee! #LUAchieverIMG_08490.jpg

May 15
Luke Swimmer, LU Guide, Graduated from KU

​Luke Swimmer, a LU College Guide, received the Stephen B. Fawcett Outstanding Student Achievement Award in Community Health and Development from his major department, Applied Behavioral Science! Luke is a proud member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee. He serves as a LU College Guide and on our Advisory Board. Comment to give a shout out (or props) to Luke! ‪#‎AnotherAchieverAchieving‬DSC_0384.jpeg

Apr 27
K'Dyn & Sha'Teal were Inducted into the National Honors Society!

K'Dyn & Sha'Teal were inducted ​into the National Honors Society!​

Apr 27
Sha'Teal Pearman-- Gates Millennum Scholar

Sha'Teal Pearman was selected as a Gates Millennum Scholar.

​​Being able to say I'm a Gates Millennium Scholar along with some of the most genuine people I have ever met is an amazing feeling! ​​Seeing people succeed on the reservation is one of the most rewarding feelings! We are showing people that they were wrong and that our generation will succeed no matter where we come from. So the Class of 2016 and classes to come, keep on striving, show everybody that the odds are in our favor!​


Apr 27
Kristen Brown Inducted int French National Honors Society

Kristen Brown was inducted into the French National Honors Society through Sumner High Schoo. She also placed first in a forensics competition. ‪#‎AnotherAchieverAchieving

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