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Project Description:
Additional Notes/Specific Requests

An evaluation of Project Lively is occurring, and staff could use assistance in conducting surveys of Project Lively clients. ​

JennNot AssignedHighOne-time project

Develop an audit tool (form and instructions) that can be used by professional staff to evaluate and compare the safety of different intersections along Safe Routes to School walking and biking routes.

CharlieIn progressHighOne-time project

​Research similar audit tools and identify audit elements related to intersection/crossing safety, specifically focusing on the physical design and built environment characteristics of the crossing. Special consideration should be made for vulnerable users, including school-age children, older adults, and people using mobility aids, such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and canes. 

1) ​Develop an audit form. 2) Develop instructions for professional staff to use the audit form. 3) Field test the audit form with at least three crossings of concern within the Safe Routes to School walking and biking routes serving the Pinckney Elementary School. 4) Develop a report to summarize the findings of the field testing, including the evaluation and comparison of the crossings as well as review of the audit tool and develop recommendations for further revisions and use of the tool.​

public health, ​community health, urban planning, civil engineering, geographic information systems (GIS)


Vending machines at the health department, Lawrence Parks and Recreation facilities, and Douglas County buildings are supposed to adhere to certain nutritional standards.  The project would evaluate compliance with standards.​

ChrisIn progressMediumOne-time project

​The audit would entail visiting vending machines and determining which products meet the nutritional standards, through the use of an Excel-based calculator for nutritional status information.


Each year LDCHD staff have the opportunity to participate in a CSA offered by a local farm.  This project would seek to gather information from staff about CSA interests in order to determine if an on-site CSA should be offered in 2018.​

ChrisIn progressHighOne-time project

​Required steps are evaluation of possible CSA providers, assessing interest among LDCHD employees, and working with Wellness Committee members to set up operating procedures for a 2018 CSA, if interest warrants.


Help coordinate efforts for bike-related activities associated with the Earth Day parade (to promote Bike to School Day), and help promote the observance among Douglas County schools.​

Chris TildenIn progressHighOne-time project

​Arrange logistics for a "bike parade" as part of Lawrence Earth Day Parade and a bike valet associated with the Lawrence Earth Day Festival.  Help organize community awareness related media associated with Bike to School Day.