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Folder: Sample Ordinances
4/25/2016 10:27 AMJulie Hibben
Benito CA Social Host Accountability Ordinance.aspx
10/15/2015 1:22 PMJanet Nelson
How to Implement Environmetal Strategies to Reduce Alcohol Problems.pdf
10/28/2015 3:17 PMJanet Nelson
Model Social Host Liability Ordinance with Legal Commentary and Resources.pdf
10/6/2015 3:05 PMJulie Hibben
Police Service Fee Muni Code on Private Property.pdf
10/6/2015 3:06 PMJulie Hibben
4/10/2017 10:34 AMJanet Nelson
Preventing UA Drinking_Getting to Outcomes with SAMHSA SPF to Achieve Results.pdf
10/15/2015 10:06 AMJanet Nelson
Social Host_Community Action Kit_Descriptions of other State Liability Laws.pdf
10/6/2015 3:05 PMJulie Hibben
10/26/2015 3:04 PMJanet Nelson
Tool Kit to Pass a Local Ordinance.pdf
10/6/2015 3:05 PMJulie Hibben
Underage Drinking-Furnishing Alcohol to Minors.aspx
10/15/2015 1:22 PMJanet Nelson
Webinar-Social Host Policies from Theory to Practice.aspx
10/15/2015 1:23 PMJanet Nelson