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The Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) defines public health accreditation as the development of a set of standards, a process to measure health department performance against those standards, and reward or recognition for those health departments who meet the standards.

The PHAB standards were developed through the framework of the 10 Essential Public Health Services:

  1. Monitor the health of the community
  2. Diagnose and investigate health problems
  3. Inform, educate, and empower people
  4. Mobilize community partnerships
  5. Develop policies
  6. Enforce laws and regulations
  7. Link to/provide health services
  8. Assure a competent workforce
  9. Evaluate quality
  10. Research for new insights

Accreditation is a mechanism for demonstrating a local health department’s capacity for providing the essential services as well as its ability to do so through a culture of continuous quality improvement.  The PHAB Standards and Measures Version 1.0 were released in May 2011.

Local health departments may seek accreditation as an individual agency or as a region, using the multi-jurisdictional approach.  Accreditation status lasts for 5 years; at the end of the 5 year cycle, the department must seek reaccreditation.

Health departments must complete three prerequisites prior to applying for accreditation within the past 5 years

  1. A community health assessment
  2. A community health improvement plan
  3. An agency strategic plan

The seven steps of the accreditation process are

  1. Pre-application
  2. Accreditation Readiness Checklist
  3. Online Orientation
  4. Statement of Intent
  5. Application
  6. Documentation Selection and Submission
  7. Site Visit
  8. Accreditation Decision
  9. Reports
  10. Reaccreditation

Plan Implementation and Monitoring Development of Community Action Plan Engagement and Prioritization Data Collection and Analysis Preparing for Community Health Needs Assessment

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