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The Site Logo is in the upper left hand corner of your site. 


This can be changed to your own logo.  Site settings > Title, description, and logo


In the Logo and Description section, you can either add a logo from your computer or from somewhere in SharePoint.


Then click OK

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WorkStation Look and Feel

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As a site owner, you can customize the display of the WorkStation. Site Settings has several tools available for modifying elements of the look, feel and navigation. 

To customize the logo, or title of your page:

  1. Go to the cog > Site Settings
  2. Select Title, description, and logo under the Look and Feel header.  Information entered here is what displays on the WorkStation header.


NOTE: You can either upload a picture from your computer or use a picture that is already stored in SharePoint (in the site assets library)

     3. Click OK


If you return to the Look and Feel column on the Site Settings page, you will see the other tools that are available for further customization of your site:


Navigation: This allows you to customize either the quick launch on the left hand side of the page or the links on the top of the site. 

Tree View:  This option displays items by hierarchy along the left-hand side of the WorkStation, and mirrors the Windows Desktop Explorer navigation.

Change the look: Pre-defined fonts and color schemes available for your site.  To alter the overall color scheme for our site, click on Site Theme.  Select from different themes using the scroll menu and preview them in the viewing pane.  Click Apply once you have found a theme that represents your group.

The Work Group for Community Health and Development can provide customized solutions and advanced support. Please contact us at toolbox@ku.edu for support with your WorkStation design.

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