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​​​​​​​​​LHD News Bulletins are produced monthly and identified by Federal Fiscal Year.

Table of Contents
11-24-21 LHD Connection.pdf11-24-21 LHD Connection2022
*CalRecycle Accepting Dept-Issued Waiver/Exemption Requests for SB 1383
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
*Expansion of the California Farm to School Incubator Grant Program
*Call for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Volunteers to Pilot the Eating and Activity Tool for Students (EATS)
*Orange County LHD Success Story Highlight - St. Anselm's Food Pantry - Feeding the Need
10-20-21 LHD Connection.pdf10-20-21 LHD Connection2022
* New NEOPB Materials
*Smarter Mealtime Movement Community of Practice Resources
*Cal Fresh Helathy Living Training Resources
*Turn Your Coalition's Ideas into Actionable Plans with ToP Facilitation Methods
*LHD Respones to the FFY22 Annual Statewide CFHL Training and Technical Assistance Needs Assessment
*2021 Virtual Promising Practice Exchanges
*Opportunity for Nutrition Educators to Participate in Focus Groups
09 15 21 LHD Connection.pdf09-15-21 LHD Connection2021
*Save the Date* - FFY 22 Adult DE Evaluation Survey Admin Training - Sept 21st 10-11am
*FFY 20-22 CFHL Curricula List Update
*CFHL Training Resources
*New NEOPB Materials - Origamis Flavor Finder Game
08 18 21 LHD News Bulletin.pdf08-18-21 LHD News Bulletin2021
* SML and SMC
*FFY22 CFHL Annual Training and TA Needs Assessment
*SAVE THE DATE: FFY21 Promising Practice Exchange
*SAVE THE DATE: FFY22 Adult Education Evaluation Survey Admin Training
*CFHL Training Resources
*New Asian Language Materials
07 21 21 LHD News Bulletin.pdf07-21-21 LHD News Bulletin2021
*FFY 22 Adult Direct Education Evaluation Info Session
*CDPH Seeks LHD Input for New Name of LHD News Bulletin
*CalFresh Healthy Living Peer Exchange Day
*CalFresh Healthy Living Early Care & Education Training Archive Promotional Series
* CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
06 16 21 LHD News Bulletin.pdf06-16-21 LHD News Bulletin2021
*California State Nutrition Action Council COVID Response Nutrition Communcations Campaign (CRNCC) Toolkit
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resouces
*CFHL Publications Back in Inventory on the Web Storefront!
05-19-21 LHD News Bulletin.pdf05-19-21 LHD News Bulletin2021
*CFHL School Wellness Training Archives Showcase
*PHRASES Toolkit & Training Modules Overview
*CFHL Curriculum Resource Videos
*CFHL Basic Nutrition Topics List
*CFHL Training Resources
*Change in Procedurs to Submit Success Stories to SNAP-ED Connection
*"And Justice for All" Poster Virtual Education Guidance
04 21 21 LHD News Bulletin.pdf04-21-21 LHD News Bulletin2021
*Free ToP Faciliation Methods Training
*Planning for Health Equity - Discussion Series
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
*New SNAP-Ed Guidance for FFY 2022 is Released
*Smarter Lunchrooms Movement of California in 2021 and Beyond
03-17-21 LHD News Bulletin.pdf03-17-21 LHD News Bulletin2021
*FFY 2021 Biannual Progress Report-Mid Year Report due April 15, 2021
*CalFresh Healthy Living Peer Exchange Program
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
02-17-21 LHD News Bulletin.pdf
Checked Out To: Osborne, Gina02-17-21 LHD News Bulletin.pdf
Checked Out To: Osborne, Gina02-17-21 LHD News Bulletin2021
*Virtual Day Of Action
*Make Every Bite Count with the Dietary Guidelines
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
*Launch of the CalFresh Healthy Living Media Campaign
*New Harvest of the Month Curriculm Now Available on the CRL
*CalFresh Healthy Living Disaster Planning Tools for LHDs
*Opening up Virtual Education Sharing Platform to All CalFresh Healthy Living LIA's
*New Communication Features from the NPI Evaluation Team
*Announcing the 2021 Champion Provider Fellowship Cohort
01-20-21 LHD News Bulletin.pdf01-20-21 LHD News Bulletin2021
*Schedule Change for the All LHD Call for 2021
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
*Access Study Survey 30
*FFY 2021 CalFresh Integrated Curricula List Update
12-16-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf12-16-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Funding Corner
*Let's Eat Healthy Nutrition Lessons
*Virtual Education Sharing Site is now available
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
11-18-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf11-18-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Safe Routes to Parks Activating Communities Program
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
*Access Study Survey 30
*"CalFresh Healthy Living Building Blocks for Success" Virtual Training Program
10-21-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf10-21-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Champion Provider Fellowship Recruitment
*Alert-Social Media Editorial Calendars
*Pilot #1-ToP Accerlerated Action Planning-Online
*Top Facilitation Online - Collaborative Skills for Leaders
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
*Access Study Survey 30
*State Licensing Scorecards on Obesity Prevention in Early Care & Education Released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
*New Re-designed Brochure: Healthy Breakfast and Snack Ideas
09-30-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf09-30-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Once Again, the Healthy Victories Media Campaign Is a Winner!
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
09-16-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf09-16-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Funding Corner: Voices for Healthy Kids Policy Campaign Grant
*Active People Campaigns
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
08-26-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf08-26-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Funders Corner: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Solutions for Healthy Equity Grant
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
08-12-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf08-12-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Office of State Publishing -Web StoreFront Order Deadline
*Health 2021 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Prize
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
07-29-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf07-29-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*FFY 2020-2022 CFHL Curricula Update for FFY 2021
*Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee's Scientific Report Posted
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
07-15-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf07-15-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Healthy Snack Day 2020 Changes Due to COVID-19
*HSHC Local Data Released
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
*New Webinar Available on Sugary Drink Polices in Healthy Systems
06-24-20 LHD News Bulletin rev. 07-01-20.pdf06-24-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*ToP Secrets of Implementation Training
*New Champion Provider Fellowship Success Stories & Provider Videos
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
06-10-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf06-10-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Behavorial Health and Wellness Initative:
Funding Opportunity, Please Share with Partners
*California Healthy Living Training Resources
*Announcing: "CalFresh Healthy Living Building Blocks for Success
06 24 20 LHD News Bulletin rev. 07-01-20.pdf06-24-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*New Pilot Course: ToP Secrets of Implemetation-Visual
*New Champion Provider Fellowship Success Stories & Provider Videos
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
05-27-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf05-27-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Updating Site List for the FFY 2021 State Plan
*CalFresh EBT Online
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
05-13-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf05-13-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*May Is National Bile Month!
*New Training: Designing Powerful Online Meeting Experience
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
04-29-2020 LHD News Bulletin.pdf04-29-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*ReThink Your Drink Day 2020 has been Cancelled Due to COVID-19
*Court Blocks rollback of Some National School Lunch Program Standards
*New SNAP-Ed Guidance for Federal Fiscal Year 2021 Released
*CalFresh Healthy living Training Resources
*Partnerships to Combat Hunger over the Summer
*The Healthy Victories Campaign Resources Aurora's Platinum Best of Show Award
04-15-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf04-15-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Information for CDPH Funded CalFresh Healthy Living (CFHL) Project During the Covid-19 Emergency
*New Social Media Posts Adress healthy eating and *Physical activity within a Frame of Covid-19
*ATP Cycle 5 is Now Open
*Shared Safe Routes to School ((SRTS) Resources in Light of School Closures & Shelter-in-Place Directives
*Systems approaches for Healthy Communities-Web-based Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change (PSE) Training is Available for a Limited Time Only!
*CalFresh Healthy Living training Resources
03-25-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf03-25-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*ReThink Your Drink Day Statewide Day of Action Update
*Motivate Your Team with a ToP Training-by Request
*2020 Radio Remotes Now Available
*What's New in 2020 With Healthy Victories
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
*Funder Corner
*Update on the Project Directors Meeting
02-26-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf02-26-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Office of State Publishing-Web StoreFront Order Deadline
*Alameda Success Story/Model Practice Award
*California Healthy Living Training Resources
*ECE guidebook for Public Health Professionals Available on the Web StoreFront
*SLM in California - What's an LHD to do?
*New Online Training Available-Healthy Beverages in Early Care and Education
01-29-20 LHD News Bulletin.pdf01-29-20 LHD News Bulletin2020
*Need Facilitation Skills?
*CalFresh Healthy Living Training Resources
*Healthy Food Access Webinar
*CDPH Bike Plate Teams with
*CalFresh Healthy Living Assessment Resource Library
*FFY 2020-2022 California Healthy Living Curricula Resources Update
*Motivate Your Team with a ToP Training - by Request