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Key Successes
Sticker Shock, youth coalition, youth activities
youth coalition, youth activities
youth activities, Project Success, saturation patrols, enforcement
youth activities, SADD
youth activities, youth leadership
Woodson County has been very successful in meeting the goals set by the coalition.   The success of this grant has been because of effective strategies and youth involvement.
"Reno County Youth Make a Difference."  It is about some of the activities that the youth leadership group has done over the past several years.
Youth Making Healthier Choices:  With the efforts of the schools providing the Too Good For Drugs and Class Action Curriculums we have seen reductions in our data from the baseline in 2008.  The Too Good For Drugs Curriculum was taught in grade 4th – 9th and Class Action was taught in 10th grade for 4 years.  By beginning in the earlier grades and having multiple years of this information we believe we have had great improvements.