This toolkit was created to support the related Nonprofit Quarterly publication: Collaborating for Equity and Justice: Moving Beyond Collective Impact (Spanish version available here‚Äč). Clicking on a link below will bring you to a page with case studies, resources and tools related to that principle. This site is still under development, so check back often to access new resources.


Collaborators on the NPQ article and this CEJ Toolkit include: Tom Wolff, Meredith Minkler, Susan Wolfe, Bill Berkowitz, Linda Bowen, Fran Butterfoss, Brian Christens, Vincent Francisco, Arthur Himmelman, Christina Holt, Kien Lee. We also wish to acknowledge contributions from Doug Easterling, Teri Behrens, Michelle Kegler, Tyler Norris, Monte Roulier, David Chavis, Kevin Barnett, and Abigail Ortiz.